Wait and earn money

While surfing online and keeping check on the latest iPhone craze I came across many marketing ideas which amazed me. There is Greg Packer who is first in line for iPhone and blogging about the event. Then there is Matt who has problems in activating his iPhone. Digg is filled with whole lot of stories of how iPhone is. Most of the content on the first few pages on Digg is of iPhone. Amidst all this I came across this site iWait.org. People here are ready to stand in as waiters for desperate crowd who need iPhone but can’t wait. Similarly if you are in need for waiters for any special event you can book your waiter. The concept is pretty cool. Tell me would you wait to earn money ?. I am still not sure if I would , but would really like to see comments from others on this topic.

On a side note .. can this be also turned into some kind of web2.0 project?. Do I see tags , maps integration and all this feature coming in such kind of service?


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