Puputan Badung

Lagi suka banget sama lagu ini. Semangat kebangsaan dalam sejarah Raja² Bali. yups see and listen. atau langsung download disini



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  1. P.S. – You may experience Bali Belly, elaiceplsy if you like spicy food. Don’t worry, you didnt eat anything bad, and it will pass quite quickly (it may show up once every day or every other day). This happened to nearly everyone I met while traveling, but was never more than…a passing problem. Not a hinderence to enjoying all of the local food, just something to be aware of in the hour or so after a meal. Sorry, I tried to say that as undetailed as possible. Also, if you get a chance, go to the feast at Ketuts Place in Ubud. I forgot to mention it earlier. Opportunity to taste various local dishes all at same time, and delicious. You WILL eat too much.

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